Glenmoir Construction delivers timber frame erection services throughout Scotland for both domestic and commercial properties.
A timber frame kit is essentially a system of panelised structural walls and floors. All the wood used in timber frames is pressure treated with preservatives.

You can read more about the features and benefits of timber frame kits further down this page.


Commercial timber frame kit erection

Timber frame kits are becoming commonplace in the design and construction of commercial buildings up to five storeys in height.

Glenmoir Construction has erected timber frame kits on care homes, schools, offices and many other commercial structures.

In many cases, we provide a turnkey joinery package covering timber frame kit erection, first fix and second fix.


Domestic timber frame kit erection

Timber frame kits have long been a favourite in the self-build sector, and are increasingly popular with both luxury and mainstream property developers.

In addition to erecting your timber frame kit, Glenmoir Construction is happy to advise you on the buildability of your design.

Simple changes prior to timber frame manufacture can have a major impact on build time on site.

Features and benefits of timber frame kits

Compared to other construction methods, timber frame kits provide greater price certainty. The majority of construction takes place offsite in a controlled environment away from the vagaries of the weather and site conditions.

With the manufacture of timber frame kits undertaken offsite in a quality-controlled factory environment, it is possible to ensure close quality control of the final product.

Preparation works on site can be completed in parallel with timber frame kit manufacture thereby shortening the overall construction cycle. This can be important if your are building in an area where disruption to third parties needs to be minimised.

When we erect your timber frame kit we are able to make your structure weathertight far more quickly than conventional construction methods. This allows first fix trades to start work earlier in the build process.

Erecting a timber frame kit requires far less mechanical plant and machinery on site than a bricks and mortar structure. We make your site safer and less cluttered.

We are able to erect your timber frame structures in low temperatures. This can be important if you are building during winter months, and is particularly applicable to the Scottish climate!

Timber is a natural and renewable material. The embedded energy in timber (the ‘production’ energy) is low, and it also acts as a carbon store.

If environmental impact is something your care about, a timber kit frame will help you minimise your environmental footprint.

Timber is a natural insulator, providing a better thermal performance compared to other construction materials. The ‘frame’ of the timber frame kit provides an ideal space for further insulation materials. Cladding attached to the timber frame also enhances its insulation performance.

Timber frames kits are pressure treated with preservatives. This makes them durable and easy to maintain over time.

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